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Thank you for visiting our web office. You have probably stopped by to look for professional native speakers, voice actors, multilingual voice over recordings or certain audio products. Or just accidentally. Whatever the case is, we are glad to e-meet you. Our international team of more than 900 voice talents, native in 84 different languages, is ready to give voice to your business.

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If your corporate, medical or educational project requires voice over recording in a specific language accent, tone range or voice colour, here you can browse directly through our voice archive upon your own criteria and send us your selection. Our multilingual team of voice over talents is composed by experienced actors, TV and radio personalities, trained singers, graduated linguists and media or art professionals who are native speakers as well. More than 900 different voice samples in 84 different languages, suitable to a variety of voice over recording tasks including not only simple narration, film dubbing or corporate, e-learning, IVR and commercial production but also timed and synchronised recording of movie trailers, cartoon characters, multiple voice roles, vocal elements, children voices and acting parts. Send us your project requirements and technical details and we will contact you as soon as possible within the next 1 to 10 hours, depending on your local time zone.

Current projects

24.Apr.2017 Voiceover recordings in Tigrinya, for Bayerisches Staatsministerium der Justiz
24.Apr.2017 Voiceover recordings in Khmer, for Verizon Communications
24.Apr.2017 Voiceover recordings in German, Slovenian and Croatian, for Mon Perin
24.Apr.2017 TV commercial voiceover recordings in Austrian German, for Dressmann
24.Apr.2017 Voiceover recordings in Georgian, for Boehringer Ingelheim
14.Apr.2017 TTS voice assistant app recordings in Malay, Thai, American English and Latin Spanish, for OceanSpeech
14.Apr.2017 Voiceover recordings in Spanish, for MMG Limited
14.Apr.2017 Voiceover recordings in Hungarian, for the European Commission
14.Apr.2017 TV commercial voiceover recordings in French, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Slovenian and Greek, for LIDL
14.Apr.2017 IVR prompts recording in Croatian, for Peek&Cloppenburg
14.Apr.2017 Voiceover recordings in French, for Omron Group
03.Apr.2017 TTS voice assistant app recording in American English and Latin Spanish, for OceanSpeech
03.Apr.2017 Voiceover recordings in French, for MMG Limited
03.Apr.2017 Voiceover recordings in Slovenian, Czech and Hungarian, for the European Commission
03.Apr.2017 Voiceover recordings in Burmese, for MoneyGram

What audio services do we offer

Voice over recording

voiceover map We record and deliver voiceovers in 84 languages, working with professional voice talents who are native speakers and maintain the necessary experience and technical knowledge. Each client’s inquiry is individually accepted and replied. Along with voice over recording, in some of the languages we are able to offer additional services like translation, singer sessions, extra fast turnaround or celebrity branding. You may need to record IVR prompts, audio book, corporate presentation, station jingles or radio commercial – whatever your business project is, we will supervise the working process on your behalf and deliver a quality audio on the target date and time.

Audio production

voiceover map We edit, mix and master recorded audio files, thus giving life to different products like TV and radio commercials, films, sound image packages, audio books, web promos, E-learning courses, IVR systems and many other promotional, educational or corporate materials. Your business project will be handled with care by our team of audio engineers, who are musically trained and experienced in the fields of broadcasting, media production, sound engineering and acoustic science. From audio manipulation and file slicing to film dubbing and lip-synch, we ensure audio quality in accordance to the modern standard, fast turnaround and creative work.

Music production

voiceover map We compose, record, produce and mix musical themes, sound effects and tracks, creating a wide range of audio products like songs, song remixes, sound logos, audio branding for commercials and events, radio station jingle packages, TV shows, movie trailers, games and promos. Our musical compositions have been featured on TV and radio broadcast ad campaigns, haute couture defiles at Vienna Fashion Week, radio station programs and jingles as well as in various modern and classical artists’ art work. Since 2003 we produce DriveTime℗ which is in-the-mix radio show for new music, along with other programs for fitness centres, live events and in-store media.

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