Amharic (or አማርኛ, pronounced [ɑːmˈhɑrɪk]) is a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia. It is the second-most spoken Semitic language in the world, after Arabic, and the official working language of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It is written left-to-right using the Amharic script which is an abugida – each character of the alphabet represents a consonant+vowel sequence.

Writing system: Ge’ez (Amharic alphabet)

Official language in: Ethiopia and the following specific regions: Addis Ababa City Council, Amhara Region, Benishangul-Gumuz Region, Dire Dawa Administrative council, Gambela Region, SNNPR

Capital city:
Addis Ababa

Birr (ETB)

Dialing code:


Addis Ababa Time is:

Our native speakers of Amharic:

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